Maya gotchas - the lastPosition attribute of particles

15 October, 2012The more you get into dynamics and simulation-y stuff, the more it behooves you to know about the quirks out there - like how the lastPosition attribute is a bit mis-marketed - it's the last position of the particle BEFORE dynamics affected it. (read more)

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Clean Poly Combine & mergeAndCull - better ways to merge polys than PolyUnite

8 October, 2012Just a pair of scripts, one to perform a much cleaner, saner merge than the PolyUnite command (which I found), and one to merge verts and bust duplicate faces (which I wrote). (read more)

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Good Cylinder, Bad Cylidner

29 September, 2012Slight stray into borderline number theory, but I've been modelling some gears and cogs and suchlike lately and I thought setting your cylinder defaults to 36 was worth a quick note as just something that's IMHO, a better default than the Maya default. (read more)

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Ray Depth Limit and You in Mental Ray

23 September, 2012Sparkles? Weird, unintuitive reflections? Lights doing crazyness? Raytracing? Bet you haven't set your ray depth limit deep enough (i.e. more than the default of 1..). Set it to four. (read more)

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Accentuate the negative, eliminate the positives!

7 August, 2011To be fair this isn't life or death but I saw this today, and got a bit incensed about the copy, the implication that cyclists are a plague descending unto London to wreck travel plans, and just the waste of words. Honestly, why wouldn't you just write this a bit differently and at least try make people excited, instead of just spawning doom? (read more)

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London Open Bike Polo Tournament 2011 - Hackney Downs

1 August, 2011For fans of polo, bikes, impressive displays of mad bike skills and mallet wielding (and those of you with any passing interest in bike polo, some rather nice bikes, t-shirts, and less mainstream sports) this weekend saw the running of the 2011 London Open Bike Polo Tournament in Hackney Downs. You know you're intrigued... (read more)

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Rhinos, Cheetahs, Giraffe - it's all the same ink, unfortunately

6 July, 2011Partly prompted by ordering ink for my thirsty little bubblejet, and partly by an Alertbox article note, it reminded me about all the times where I wish people had named things more appropriately, or avoided naming things at all and just picked descriptive names (like 'Large', 'Medium', and 'Small'). Epson in this case, shows how you can go a tad overboard.. (read more)

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