Just paint on the canvas...

14 June, 2011I've now spent 16 days on set for 47 Ronin - 7 as my original casting, and 9 as a backup/backfill, so while it's quiet, I thought I'd sketch out some thoughts on what makes a 'good' extra, so you can work out if this really is something you might want to do - it's not as glamorous as you'd think! (read more)

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Silicon Milkroundabout - Sunday May 15th

19 May, 2011Of late I've noticed that there's a bit more of a push to get some more light shone on the local startup sector over here in London, and latest in events that I've been along to has been silicon milkroundabout. As one of the lucky invitees, thought it'd be worth just taking some notes and writing them up for the benefit of hindsight, and those who were too far afield to get in. (read more)

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Words With Friends - the wordlist

2 May, 2011(10/May/2011 - minor update since I wrote this, there aren't any wordlist changes in 4.02) ... (read more)

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Crossness pumping station - your local cathedral of sewerage

23 April, 2011One of London's less well known attractions, Crossness really should be on your list of things to do if you're in any way interested in Victorian machinery, ironwork, sewerage, or just getting out to see something particularly interesting. (read more)

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Getting Typing of The Dead to work in Vista/Win7

19 April, 2011To play Typing of the Dead on Vista/Win7, you'll need to set an override on your system's keyboard driver to make it pretend more like what TOD is expecting (a 101/102 key keyboard). Basically - set OverrideKeyboardIdentifiter to be PCAT_101KEY and OverrideKeyboardSubtype to be 0x0000000 (read more)

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Deconstructing Waitrose (well, their store layout)

13 April, 2011After a brief desktop review of Waitrose Raynes Park's floorplan layout, it does appear as if the store is built with some subtle tweaks to try ensure you get exposure to all their stock. It's quite cleverly done, but I suspect, it's not unique to them. Makes for an interesting few hours of analysis however... (read more)

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A night of type (April Font Night @the Design Museum)

4 April, 2011Friday night. London. What does one get up to? Pub? Pint? Nah.. I'd rather be at the Design Museum for Design Overtime - April Font Night (read more)

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