Anthony: stop tweaking, start publishing.

Posted 31 March, 2011 Anthony Tan (staring at yet another render. But still loving it for some reason..)

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From time to time, I catch myself doing things that aren't well, sensible.. in this case, it's me spending more time on tweaking software, than actually using it to do what I might've err.. built it for. It's a bit of a pain to verbally grumble at yourself, but equally, it's quite important to do so.

Hi Anthony, this is the Future Anthony here.

Please stop with the tweaking and just make it live already.

I do mean it in the nicest way, but Anthony: stop. being. a. tool.

I know you're having fun designing, planning, testing out theories and learning in general with this project, it's admirable. You're right, it's not quite perfect and there's many things you could do to make things even better on the site but let's review:

Work out your primary deliverable

You spent the time early whittling away all the unnecessary bits and pieces, (as Harry has said i'm pretty sure, 'start complex, end simple') and getting to a core concept. What you came down to is that you wanted to start a public repository of thoughts, comments, notes. It's so people could chew on, review, and potentially throw back in your face things, and you'd sharpen up your thoughts as part of the process.

Let me phrase it thus : your deliverable is content

Are you delivering it?

This thing? It's not the main game. It's a device, a kind of an auto-indexed journal that supports your deliverable. It's also pretty much done. It's not perfect, and there's features you want to put on, but do those features detract from the core? Are they showstoppers? No.

sigh Move on.

Focus (dammit)

You're not putting up trite material, you're trying to put up semi-lengthy, reasoned work. Content of this nature will take time. Reread the internal standards piece you drafted up and recall that your average time-from-idea was about two (2) weeks. Does that sound like something you want to rush? Or delay? Yeesh.

Be bold

And don't worry about things being a bit rough. You started out bad at what you do - everyone does. The people who get good are the ones who do, not the ones who delay perpetually. You'll screw up from time to time, but be bold, and have a little faith in yourself.

Remember, when you're indulge in feature creep you aren't (as a rule):

  • Putting your ideas out into the world at large (and wasn't that the whole dammed point??);
  • Learning how your work holds up to external scrutiny; or
  • Getting any feedback on what you're doing - good or bad.

Oh, and one last thing. don't forget to spellcheck your work...

Get thee unto a bike!
A night of type (April Font Night @the Design Museum)
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  1. I generally have this internal battle going on to constantly tinker and do Neat Things, so this is a pretty accurate depiction of the sensible voice in my head that cuts in from time to time. Don't get me wrong, I'll keep tinkering, but there's a time and a place.
  2. (updated 19/April) : Harry from Minimoko has posted a very similar thought to this entitled Do The Work