Hi, my name's Anthony <wave!>

I'm an IT engineer, a business analyst, and a friendly individual. I play around with tech, work on rebuilding systems, play around with this thing that is the web, and am perpetually curious about well, anything.

While a techie at heart, I've gone down the generalist path. I've a commerce degree; I've spent time as a policy analyst doing strategic reviews for the Aust Government; and I've worked crunching data and doing the numbers that feed into the Budget.

Erm, why? Well, it keeps me from being myopic (glasses aside), and it's allowed me to develop some rather handy soft skills - amongst other things I write well and present confidently - and I pick new things up really fast.


Right now I'm on sabbatical from my home Department in the Aust Govt, exploring London and enjoying having the time to work on some personal projects (like this site) while I do a bit of a stocktake on things, and set out exactly where to next.

Regardless of being on holiday or no, I tend to want to spend more time than sensible working on stuff, so in order to pull myself away from the computer? I:

  • ride boris bikes through traffic, and dream of a nippy two-wheeler of my own (perhaps an Airnimal Chamelelon);
  • get enthused about trying to make the world a better place, and do things like walking in the Trailwalking Turtles and fundraising for Oxfam;
  • taken photos of the wonderous architecture and things in London;and
  • bake bread. I have a signature wholemeal ciabatta-style loaf that's not very pretty, but awesome with a slice of cheddar and some torn chives.

So yes, that's me in a short few words, but there's only so much you can say on a webpage. If you're interested in swapping stories over a cup of tea? Asking me about what it's really like in Canberra? Wanting to verify my bona fides as a precursor to engaging me on some secret, unpaid, but horribly interesting project? Track me down.