Nuke LDPK node upgrades to v1.7

3 January, 2014

Excited by the new LDPK 1.7 nodes? Me too! Wanting to migrate from the old TDE4/Weta binaries? Ditto. Here, you might as well take my scripts, save yourself some hassle. (read more)

(slightly older front page posts)

23 February, 2013

Transferring information (like colour) between particles

Next time someone says you can't transfer particle attributes in Maya without any fancy-schmancy plugins or custom code, tell em 'feh'. (read more)

30 December, 2012

A primitive HFR test, and cubes. Of course.

It's shiny, it's new (in a buzzword context, not in a 'lets shoot at high frame rates' context). It's also something that's not that hard to play with at home once you get curious... and well, HFR is kinda neat. I've a soft spot for higher data rates. (read more)

23 November, 2012

Poking Maya's transform nodes and the worldMatrix

Ever been poking around in the channel editor and wondered what the heck worldMatrix did? Me too. Well, not really, not till i needed to rig up a sliding snake of cubes... (read more)