This page just contains a longform example of most (all?) the styling i’m using so that I can easily regenerate things, swap themes around and check out what specific elements that I care about will look like.

Heading 1 (general text elements)

Paragraph text will go here, inside we have markdown link, markdown_anchors (see the bottom of the text). Note that the heading itself has an ID fragment that basically is replace all non-std chrs with - and lowercase. So you can anchor to those things.

Here’s a list of

I also like ordered lists

  1. they have a start
  2. middle points
    1. and sublists as well are neat
      • sublists and bullets
        • sublists and bullets
  3. and a clear end

We can strikethrough certain blocks of text

Heading 2 (code fragments)

Triple quoted (fenced)
block of standard
Code text

Here is an inline backtick. Below is some tag-based highlighted javascript

document.write("JavaScript is a simple language for javatpoint learners");

Below is some tag-based highlighted python with line nos

import foo
import bar

class Magic(object):
    def __init__():
        self.value = 3 * 2 + 1
        self.text = "text"

Heading 3

Other less common things are say, footnotes1 and newer ones2

Heading 4, other fancy elements

A horizontal ruler is either --- or *** on a line by itself and can divide content up (but must have a clear new line, or it looks like a heading!)

Definition Term (dt) and definition list (dl)
are rendered like this
Heading 5

more text

  1. this is a specific type of anchor 

  2. more footnote